The Barn

  • Our barn has thirty-six (36) stalls 10′ x 12′
  • Box fan over each stall for your horse’s comfort
  • A fly repellent system that runs during fly season throughout the barn
  • Large wide-open alleyway
  • Two large tack rooms and individual tack lockers
  • A wash bay with hot/cold water
  • Three tack-up stalls
  • A lounge where you can stop by and relax

Riding Arenas

  • Indoor riding arena (60 x 120). We use a dust down product to eliminate dust in the arena.
  • Main Outdoor riding arena (120 x 250). We have barrels, poles and jumps to add diversity to your rides.
  • Lower Outdoor riding arena (80 x 120). This is a smaller arena with grass center.


The barn is located on ten (10) acres with the city limits of Kansas City as the boundary line. We are not able to offer trail riding given the size of our acreage and use of space for pasture turnout.